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We are always looking for ways to improve our service and for information to give our funders.

This survey will do just that.

If you were a client

You probably gave us some feedback in your final session. However, you might have thought about what has happened since and identify other information you could give us. This is your chance to do just that!
Or maybe you couldn’t come to your final session so we missed out on that valuable feedback, why not provide it now?

If you are a current client

We probably haven’t asked you yet what you think about us and our service, However, your feedback is still important to us, so please have a go.

If you have never been a client

We welcome any feedback you can give us, whether you are a client or not, thinking about being a client or not, absolutely certain you will never be a client or not. There are specific questions in the survey just for you. The survey is much shorter for people who have not worked with us, it really will not take long to do.

What you also need to know

Very few of the questions are mandatory and these are intended to find out, for example, whether you have been a client of ours and where you are based. Most of the questions are optional: the more details you can give us the better it will help us. We have designed the survey so that you should be able to go back to alter your answers (as long as you access the survey from the same computer each time and do not clear your cookies).
The survey is completely confidential. Survey Monkey allows us to choose whether we store your name and IP address. We have set the survey so this information is not stored. This means we won’t know who you are.
If you wish to add additional comments to this survey, please email us at or write to us at RCTN, PO Box 1320, Newcastle upon Tyne NE99 5DX.


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