Direct Service Delivery Roles

To volunteer in direct services we need women who feel they are confident enough to work in an emotionally challenging environment and who are prepared to commit to regular and long-term help.

Women are directly involved in delivering services in the following roles: 

  • Helpline and Email Supporter
  • Practical and Emotional Supporter
  • Group Work Volunteer 

We do not recruit directly into the Practical and Emotional Supporter and Group Work Volunteer Role. The route into these roles is via experience in our Helpline and Email Supporter role. 

We are not currently actively recruiting for the Helpline and Email Supporter Volunteer role but we do hold a waiting list for women interested in this role.  For more information about the Helpline and Email Supporter role please click on the role description below.  

Women interested in volunteering with us should read the About Us page which includes information about the mission of RCTN and a statement on our feminist ethos.

If a woman is successful in the application process they are offered a place on RCTN’s volunteer induction training. 

The schedule for volunteer training is below is an example of the training you would required to take part in to become a helpline volunteer.   There is an 85% minimum attendance requirement for the training.

We are not able to support counselling placements or have volunteers as part of our counselling team.

To express an interest in this role contact our Volunteer Coordinator: 

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